The 2018 Crystal Awards Show is less than a month away. Last week, you met our finalists for the 2018 Crystal Awards along with category judge, Sarah Marsh-Collings, leading digital marketer and digital marketing consultant for babelmonkey.

This week, we would like to introduce you to Marc Boudria, VP of AI for HyperGiant, a machine intelligence solutions company based in Austin.

Crystal Awards Judge: Mark Boudria, VP of AI at Hyper Giant

Years of Experience: 22 years in technology

Who is Marc? Marc Boudria is Head of Artificial intelligence and a leader at HyperGiant, a machine intelligence solutions company based in Austin that combines innovation and award-winning software expertise with bleeding-edge machine intelligent techniques and technology to solve clients' most challenging problems.

By relentlessly challenging convention, Boudria and his teams conceive, architect, and build digital systems and products that turn their industry-disrupting visions into reality.

Q: What is something a past entrant has done that has made an impression with you? If this is your first year judging, what is something you hope to find in the entries you judge?

A: I’m personally looking for entries that that clearly work towards accomplishing a business goal while taking chances in their choices of design,approach, technology and execution.

Q: What advice would you give yourself if you were entering in this category?

A: If it’s your first instinct as a way to do it, challenge that thought. Ask yourself “Am i saying we should do this just because it’s comfortable?”

Q: What is a well-known (something that is open source or can be easily searched) marketing campaign that you wish you had thought up yourself? Why did it impress you? Please provide a link to the example.

A:The Turbo Encabulator is one of my favorite stories of marketing, even though it did not generate revenue. It was published in 1944 by the British Institution of Electrical Engineers Students’ Quarterly Journal, in an article titled "The Turbo-Encabulator in Industry" by "J.H. Quick, Student".

In the 70’s, this was filmed.To be able to execute the words and maintain that delivery is amazing.

The reason I chose this, is because over the last couple of decades companies like Rockwell Automation and Chrysler have taken up the cause of advancing the Turbo Encabulator’s history by making their own versions of the Turbo Encabulator


Meet our next judge Monday, April 30, here on the AMA Houston Blog. Donna Erbs  is the Chief Marketing Officer for Anders CPAs + Advisors and one of our out-of-state judges. Don't forget to join our judges at the 2018 Crystal Awards Show, May 10, at Bayou City Event Center.

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