2017 affected our members and fellow Houstonians in many unexpected ways. As a community of creatives over 1,000 strong, it’s up to us to lead our city into 2018. Last year, we saw the city come together under the rally cry of #Houston Strong. Our neighbors, friends and Houston’s finest set a higher expectation of community and excellence. During the 2018 Crystal Awards, were saying that from now on, it’s up to us to lead the charge by showing excellence in all we do. As a 2018 Crystal Award sponsor, you have the ability to lead this inspired community from heartbreak to triumph.

Why This Audience?

Each Spring, AMA Houston gathers Texas’s top marketers to present with Crystal Awards. In categories ranging from print, and radio spots to website design, social media advertising and everything in between, this is your opportunity to present your best to over 650 marketers from almost every industry in Houston.

The Crystal Awards is the largest marketing event in Houston. As one of only a handful of sponsors at the event, you’ll have positioned yourself as an authority in the Houston marketing community. More than 65% of attendees are senior-level marketers looking for the best product or service for their company. These are the decision makers, and you have the opportunity to develop brand recognition and a connection with them.

You’ll have access to:

  • Our database of more than 7,000 opt-in recipients on approximately 10 emails throughout the spring.
  • 4,500+ direct mail recipients through a high impact direct mail piece in late February or early March.
  • More than 5,000 monthly website visitors.
Why This Year?

This year, you’ll have the attention of hundreds of marketers looking to be inspired and challenged by the work of their peers--and maybe a little envious. 2017 was not a normal year. We saw flooding and snow and a World Series victory--all eyes are on us! Oil prices are also expected to rise, and according to the Gartner 2016-2017 survey, 2017 marked the third consecutive year of marketing budget increases.
This year is a year of hope.

Why Me?

Our members are actively looking to find solutions and make connections that will impact the success of their companies. Our guess is that you are too. The more you put into a sponsorship the more you get out of it, and that doesn’t always mean money. With so many members and non-members attending the 2018 Crystal Awards, you’ll get enough visibility to carry you through the year. In this community, it’s all about making connections, and AMA Houston provides endless networking opportunities for your company.

If you sponsor an event, but don’t show up to talk to the attendees in person, you’re missing out. You are the key to taking your brand to one that people recognize from the event, to one they respect and trust.

Lead the Charge

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