The 2018 Crystal Awards is less than a month away, and now that you've met our finalists it's time to meet the judges who will select this year's winners. Leading up to the gala and award show, we will introduce a new judge each week, and in addition to getting to know them, you’ll learn more about what it takes to become a Crystal Awards Winner.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to a 2018 Crystal Awards judge who is flying in all the way from the United Kingdom: Sarah Marsh-Collings is a leading digital marketer and Digital Marketing Consultant for babelmonkey.

2018 Crystal Awards Judge: Sarah Marsh-Collings, Digital Marketing Consultant, babelmonkey

Years of Experience: 10

Who is Sarah?  Always a creative writer, Sarah started her professional copy-writing career working for an e-commerce enterprise in 2008. Since becoming freelance in 2014, Sarah has been creating, implementing and managing cross-platform digital media campaigns across a variety of industries, helping businesses from sectors as diverse as Recruitment to Manufacturing, Creative Agencies to Automotive Detailers increase their online presence and raise brand awareness. In addition, Sarah also trains business owners and their staff in the art managing online conversations as well as the specifics of running a digital marketing campaign.

Q: What is something a past entrant has done that has made an impression with you?

A: I’m looking for a campaign that creates desire through innovative storytelling and where appropriate, innovative use of technology.

Q: What advice would you give yourself if you were submitting an entry for Crystals?

A: Keep it simple: don’t try to inject too many tactics into one campaign. Be clear, be concise, be consistent. Create connections. Create conversation.

Q: What is a well-known marketing campaign that you wish you had thought up yourself? Why did it impress you?

I enjoyed Apple’s Earth – Our Only Home’ campaign. It carries a political message without being inflammatory, carries the brand’s commitment to appearing to favour sustainability, provokes an emotional response – you want to buy into the ‘one world / precious Earth’ message – and it shows off the technical capability of the iPhone camera. Brand, politics, product – all in one.

Meet our next judge, Marc Boudria, Monday, April 23, here on the AMA Houston Blog. Marc is Head of Artificial Intelligence and a leader at HyperGiant. Don't forget to join our judges at the 2018 Crystal Awards, May 10, at Bayou City Event Center.

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