What’s on the agenda on October 22? Is it attending Marketing Edge? This one-day mega dose of inspiration and insight, also known as one of AMA Houston’s major yearly conferences, will feature top marketers from across the country. You’ll be able to indulge in three keynote sessions, four breakout sessions, and panels with more than 20 speakers. With all of these possibilities, you can tailor your experience to your specific interests.

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Hernan Tagliani, one of our keynote speakers at Marketing Edge. After you hear his story, we guarantee that you’ll come away excited to attend.

“Experiences have now become the future of what we are selling. A marketer’s job is to be the owner and sustainer of that experience.” said Salesforce’s Principal of Marketing Insights Mathew Sweezey, our keynote speaker for the Oct. 10, 2018 luncheon.

What is the future of marketing?

Mathew Sweezey is one of the most influential marketing experts in the country, and plays a major role in shaping, improvising, and creating the future of marketing. During his talk, he emphasized that the current phase is the fastest-ever growth period in the marketing discipline. While explaining the agile and modern production methods, he stressed the fact that today is a tipping point in the marketing industry. If marketing professionals are not part of an organization that lets them follow the agile methodologies and workflow, they are at a risk of being left behind in their career.

On February 8, AMA Houston will host a special event to help marketing teams prepare for Crystal Awards judging. Our panelist of past winners from across the industry will give a packed room some insights into what sets stellar entries apart from the rest. Here are our top four takeaways from last year’s event:

AMA Houston is called the marketing connection for a reason. Throughout the year, we bring together marketers from across the city, state and country to learn what's next in our profession and exchange ideas. A great way to do that between events is to become an AMA Houston volunteer, where you have the opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable skills across a number of service opportunities. Halie Dittemore, last year's director of volunteer programs and current co-director for registration, discovered in her role as director of volunteer programs that not only is she happy being a volunteer, she also loves to serve them. She felt the role also helped her meet new people and build her network. 

"You seem like a great candidate, but don’t quite have the experience we’re looking for.”

Sound familiar? Have you been a part of the cycle where you don't have experience so you can't get experience? Well, how do you escape?

"We fear change," said Chris Ferris, VP of Marketing at BubbleUp at the AMA Houston June Academy. At Texas Children's Hospital, Ferris successfully proved the importance of social media to senior leadership by addressing their fears about using social media. He convinced them that the feedback received would help them create a better product and deliver a greater service to current and potential customers. After making his case, the organization grew from no social media presence to staffing two full-time marketers.

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