AMA Houston Gives Back

That’s what it means to be an AMA Houston Gives Back volunteer!

Did you know your marketing expertise could make Houston stronger and better for all — without making a career change? Actually, that’s the essence behind the American Marketing Association (AMA) Houston Gives Back program. We, as AMA members, have the conduit to make a tangible community difference without stretching us beyond capacity. And at the end of the day, don’t we all want to leave the world a better place than we found it? You can help in two ways: Nominate worthy non-profit organizations for grants and donate your time to grant recipients as a marketing volunteer.

For years, our sense of motivation has been characterized by how we think about performance and behavior change. The result of this has been a bias toward solving performance issues using a variety of strategies that essentially boil down to a mix of motivation and discipline.

This all seems fairly logical. The problem is that these are both short-term strategies. After all, no one is motivated all of the time, and certainly we are not disciplined in every sphere of our lives.

In other words, these twin strategies are designed for a world of ideals and, as a result, we end up with delusional thinking about our own performance and that of others. We either see ourselves as logical and possessing excellent judgment, or else we admit to an emotional bias then assert this as an asset.

Set the Game and Your Career with AMA

Have you ever wondered what launches the skyrocketing careers of local marketers? One reoccurring factor propelling career success is volunteering for AMA Houston. Find out why through our monthly personal interview blog featuring an AMA leader. To kick off this new series, let’s start at the top with a question-and-answer interview with Michelle Le Blanc, current AMA Houston president.

Networking. It’s that thing many of us feel we have to do, but love to hate. After all, if your professional success is tied in part to who you know, then don’t you need to keep expanding who you know? Well...actually, yes you do! Networking is indeed an important pathway to expanding influence, connections and opportunities. Then why, for most of us, does it feel so darn uncomfortable? Here’s my theory:

Gaining new social media followers is a major challenge for many brands due to the cost and energy associated with attracting social fans.

An effective remedy to this challenge is co-marketing.

It’s a challenging market and your company is trying to get work done. You need your employees to get on board and help you achieve your goals together. It’s easy right? Send a few emails, call a couple of meetings and everyone knows what’s going on.

Not quite.

Internal communications is one of the more difficult areas of corporate communications to harness. Not because employees don’t pay attention, or don’t care, but because they are overwhelmed, work remotely or have a listening/learning style that isn’t one size fits all.

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