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If you have taken advantage of the many luncheons, happy hours or professional development events hosted by AMA Houston, then it’s safe to say you know all about the perks of being an active member. But what if there was an even better way to maximize the value of your membership? While volunteering allows you to give back to our organization, the growth opportunities that you stand to gain as a volunteer are limitless. See what our very own volunteers have to say about working with one of the largest AMA chapter’s in the country.


Halie Dittemore, Director of Volunteers for AMA, shares some of her takeaways of the benefits of volunteering. “Our chapter is pretty one of a kind. There are so many different people a part of AMA. I’ve met people in the construction industry all the way to publishing. It’s exciting to belong to a group of individuals with such differing opinions and backgrounds. ” Event registration volunteer, Chris Proulx, notes his own advantages of volunteering. “You get to attend remarkable events, gain knowledge, and keep up with the trends going on in the marketplace, all for free.” With the amount of diversity, and potential to attend events at no cost, the opportunities to learn and gain fresh perspectives as an AMA volunteer are endless.

Sharpen your Skills or Learn New Ones

Gain the hands-on experience you may not be able to obtain in your current role. The skills you learn as an AMA volunteer can be a huge resume booster and set you apart from other candidates. It can also be a way to strengthen the skills you already have. Interested in learning more about event planning? Join the hospitality or programming team. Want to brush up on your social media marketing skills? Become a team member of the communications committee. Looking to lend your expertise on building lasting relationships with sponsors? Join the sponsorship team. Whatever your desires or skillset, there is a committee that can meet your goals and desires.

Gain leadership experience

Being a board member is a great way to make a lasting impact at AMA Houston and also gain real-world leadership experience. Although in order to be considered as a board member, being involved on a volunteer committee is a crucial step. The more involved you are as a volunteer, the easier it is for you to be noticed and considered for board positions.

Make lasting connections

While networking for some may be a daunting task, volunteering is of the easiest ways to organically expand your network. As you work alongside your team members, overtime, those strong and genuine relationships are already nurtured. Kelsey Smith of law firm, Jones Walker LLP, sums up her experience as a hospitality volunteer. “You actually know who people are. You’re not just showing up to events, but you can actually put faces to names. You really feel like you are a part of the family.” So when you are ready to transition to a new role or are looking to change to a completely different industry, there is a community of people already willing to help.

So what are you waiting for? Become an AMA volunteer today!

Written by AMA Volunteer Mariam Ottun

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