Most great ideas start with a simple conversation. AMA Houston strives to bring these ideas forward through constant community and collaboration with our members. This month, Ben Cohen, AMA Houston member and VP at Denneen & Company, shares his conversation with David Oksman, Head of Global Strategic Communications and U.S. Activation at Reebok. Here, Oksman shares his ideas on everything from gaining consumer insights, to his goals for improving marketing metrics and what good marketing looks like.

Have you heard? Houston is the American city of the future. As residents, we should take great pride in the diversity and opportunities available in our city. As professionals, we have our work cut out for us. Luckily for you, AMA Houston is creating an oasis for weary professionals with the Marketing Edge Conference.

What makes great marketing? There are a lot of ways of breaking it down. Fortunately, AMA Houston has two top awards that recognize the many achievements of those in the community. It wasn’t enough to host Houston’s largest marketing event—The Crystal Awards Gala. We’re inviting the city back for another night with the crème de la crème of marketing professionals at Marketer of the Year (MOTY).

AMA Houston is called the marketing connection for a reason. Throughout the year, we bring together marketers from across the city, state and country to learn what's next in our profession and exchange ideas. A great way to do that between events is to become an AMA Houston volunteer, where you have the opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable skills across a number of service opportunities. Halie Dittemore, last year's director of volunteer programs and current co-director for registration, discovered in her role as director of volunteer programs that not only is she happy being a volunteer, she also loves to serve them. She felt the role also helped her meet new people and build her network. 

Social media is ever-evolving, and significant changes often come without much warning. If you don’t log in on a regular basis or are not active in social media management, you’ll likely find familiar processes rearranged. Luckily for you, we’ve been keeping up with the developments on all the major platforms over the last few months. Here’s what you need to know about the top four.

"You seem like a great candidate, but don’t quite have the experience we’re looking for.”

Sound familiar? Have you been a part of the cycle where you don't have experience so you can't get experience? Well, how do you escape?

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