In today's digital era, there's a fascination with leveraging new marketing concepts, digital technologies and tactics to reach your audience. Customers are communicating in a multi-directional, non-linear fashion with the firm as well as its customers and prospects through a plethora of social media communities. Ultimately, this is making the customer experience and journey increasingly more engaging and social. Yet, this is also creating a managerial challenge as some customer segments may be very fragmented or very expensive to reach and serve. Pitch the wrong, or a weak, strategy, to your leadership and your potential growth and return on investment are likely to go south. Worse yet, your venture may even fail completely.

Leading Change In Digital Marketing Efforts

Thus, the push to implement new technology and digital strategies into marketing efforts runs rampant. It may come from a new client or a member of C-Suite requesting adoption a new social media channel or app. On the other hand, it may come directly from you and your marketing team as you push for leading edge online marketing initiatives. Inevitably, there are roadblocks to leading change in digital marketing efforts, and AMA Academy’s event on June 20 will provide you insight and tools to jump those hurdles and effectively implement new and dynamic marketing efforts. Chris Ferris, Vice President of Marketing for Houston-based digital agency for BubbleUp will talk through his experience championing dynamic digital marketing initiatives at organizations like Texas Children’s Hospital, Cadence Bank, SCI, LandShark Lager, and Rice Business School.

  • Learn the right questions to ask when the C-Suite or a client has tasked you with implementing something new to make sure you're pursuing the right strategy and tactics.
  • Develop assessment strategies to determine what new digital efforts are right for your organization.
  • Gain insights from Chris’s experience in “starting something new” to know how to champion new efforts in a stagnant company.

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Chris FerrisAbout the Speaker

Chris Ferris, PhD, is the Vice President of Marketing for BubbleUp, a Houston-based digital marketing agency. BubbleUp's clients include Celene Dion, Poison, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band, Memorial Hermann Health System, Covia Health, Service Corporation International, Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett and Kiss. His client portfolio includes the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University, Cadence Bank, and LandShark Lager.

Before joining BubbleUp in 2016, Chris served as the Chief Marketing Officer for 2nd.MD, a healthcare technology startup. He has also run digital marketing and communications for Texas Children's Hospital and for St. Luke's Episcopal Health System. He started at St. Luke's as a public relations manager, but quickly moved into the digital space in the early 2000s. Chris has a proven track record of moving organizations to embrace new digital technologies to meet evolving customer expectations, including online advertising, live chat and social media. He has driven successful marketing and customer engagement activities, including branding, lead generation, public relations, digital marketing and social media. His other past jobs include working in the communications department of the Office of Management and Budget in Washington, DC, and teaching at a public school in New Orleans through Teach for America. Chris has a Masters in Communication from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in Health Policy from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Chris has been married for almost 18 years and he has two children who attend Pin Oak Middle School and Lamar High School.

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