Get ready to tackle the question of how to compete in dynamic, global markets with "Everything I Needed to Know about Marketing, I Learned from Justin Timberlake!"

Brands operating in today's fast-paced environment must outshine, outperform and outmaneuver their competitors if they're to succeed. What many brands lack, but where Justin Timberlake excels, is marketing mastery in a high-tempo, hyper-competitive marketplace. Building excitement around your products that emotionally connect with your customers deepest values doesn't happen haphazardly. Rather, it takes a genius branding strategy that not only delivers trust and exceptional performance but also generates excitement and brand loyalty among your raving fans.

Everything I Needed to Know about Marketing, I Learned from Justin Timberlake!

Image by Georges Biard / CC-BY-SA-3.0

So, how can today's marketers engage and create loyalty like JT when the speed of change - at the customer and competitor level - is turbo-charged? One key to success lies in using “location-based” marketing that employs mobile apps, real-time tracking of customer behavior, and ongoing updates on your nimbler competitors. For many industries, the heart of this change includes using smart products, smart applications and interconnected devices as well as an increasing willingness of firms to develop ecosystems of partners rather than go it alone.

Join us at the next AMA Academy event on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 for this TKO event that will decode JT's first-rate marketing mindset. You'll gain in-depth insight into his brand evolution and get killer strategies for leveraging the social media landscape to remain top-of-mind, engage brand ambassadors, inspire positive word of mouth, and extend your influence - all with finesse! Our speakers Jillian Fortin, Principal Consultant of & Maggie Malek, Head of Public Relations & Social Media, MMI Agency will break down JT using marketing principles to analyze his personal brand's timeline and provide a comparative analysis that can help you predict and adapt in a dynamic and global market.

We Can't Stop the Feeling that this edifying event is going to be great. If you miss out, don't Cry Me a River!

When Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Where United Way Community Resource Center
Time 7:30 a.m.

For more information about this event and to register, click here

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