Satori Marketing is a fast-paced, fast-growing marketing agency that knows what it takes to set our clients up for success. Since 2007, we’ve been revealing a creative edge that spikes through the everyday. We throttle the right brain into the left and fuse form into function. With a diverse portfolio behind us, we thrive on impossible.

We are a dynamic group of Marketing Rockstars made up of, former flight attendants, wood-working craftsmen, baseball players, prom queens and opera singers who make up the beating heart behind this full-service marketing firm. Our different pasts provoke greatness. We unite the analytical with the aesthetic, and strategy with style. With a name that means “enlightenment,” we can guarantee working here is anything but conventional.

Are you looking to break into marketing, the industry you love? As a Marketing Assistant Intern at Satori Marketing, you'll get to push your talents to the limit. Whether you're just getting your feet wet in the industry or already a self-proclaimed marketing genius, we look forward to seeing what you can do.

Warning: There is no typical day here. In fact, most of our days are downright crazy. The company you'd be joining is a pretty lean machine, which means that you will be an integral part of everything we do. We don’t just ask you to put your feet in, we ask you to dive into the deep end and fully immerse yourself into all things marketing. Your creative voice will not go unheard here. So, if you think you've got the ideas, drive and attitude needed to make great work, we want to hear from you. And if you knock our socks off with your flexibility, additional skillset/hidden talents, and infectious mojo, who knows where this could lead you?


Assist the team with the development of new and exciting marketing campaigns and all their corresponding materials

Help to create better communication channels to both internal and external customers

Be a team player. Work well with others in the company, including graphic designers, copywriters, office mascots, and production (the whole group)

Help us maintain (and take to new levels) our Rockstar status, by researching the competition and forge new and interesting ways for us to play on

Travel to meetings, conferences and training, as needed

Complete special one-off projects (there will be A LOT of these!)

Occasionally run extremely important errands to help keep the creative juices flowing, including caffeine, breakfast tacos, caffeine, lunch, snacks and probably some more caffeine

Conquer anything and everything we may throw onto your plate

Act as the caboose to our train, always pushing us forward and supporting us in any way we may need

Perform other assorted duties, as assigned


Possess a quality laptop (Apple is preferred but not required)

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or similar area (must be at least junior level, maybe even graduated)

Work experience is preferred

More than a little familiar with Adobe products and your Microsoft Office skills can be classified Intermediate to Advanced (Borderline PRO)

Somewhat cozy with the in-and-outs of WordPress/website design

Consider yourself a social media guru

Aggressive self-starter who is searching for an opportunity to do dynamic and fulfilling work

Able to accept critiques like a champ from clients, coworkers and management

Willingness to collaborate with those around you

Able to think creatively and act on those creative inclinations (we want to hear ALL the great ideas you've been saving up!)

Possess an ability to solve problems and deal with a variety of options in varying situations and be customer service-oriented

Can hardly contain your desire to learn and participate in the growth of a rapidly expanding marketing company

Ready to hit the ground running and take on this new position with extreme optimism


Qualified candidates may submit their cover letter and resume via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
IMPORTANT: Please be sure to answer the questions directly below.

[1]. Rate yourself on the following programs on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "no clue," and 10 being "I may as well have written the program."

- LinkedIn
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- YouTube
- Pinterest
- Photoshop
- WordPress
- Constant Contact

[2]. Describe, in one sentence, your preferred work environment.

[3]. Next, a word association exercise. Please write the first word(s) that comes to mind when you see each word below. As an example, if we write dog, you might write cat.

- Deadline
- On Fire
- Work Ethic
- First in last to leave
- Innovative

[4]. Name 5 things that are always in your car.

[5]. What attracts you to this company and this position (please limit to one paragraph)?

[6]. Han Solo or Chewbacca? Why?

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