Satori is leaving no stone unturned to find a prolific, first-rate, magnificent, exceptional, inconceivably imaginative Mid-Level Copywriter (who knows how to not overuse a thesaurus like we just did!) to join our team of anti-agency- agency renegades. Do you fancy yourself a poet or future bestselling author? Hey, good for you! But that’s not what we need.

We may operate differently than other agencies, but our clients still need copy that sells, so your writing must be engaging and compelling, and it must incite action. That can mean different things for different clients. One day you may be writing a cocktail recipe for a bar, and the next day a spec sheet for a construction company. Or, heck, you might be writing both on the same day. The point is that you must be able to shift from client to client, topic to topic, deliverable to deliverable – sometimes several times a day – and still maintain the same level of finesse and clarity.

Possibly even as important as being able to write well, you need to have the relatively rare talent of essentially becoming the client, so you can write in their voice and sound as though the copy has been crafted by an expert in their field. Because, as a copywriter, you must present the client’s brand as if it’s your own. Your voice doesn’t matter; only the client’s does. And you must be able to speak to the target audience on their level. You may have to translate engineer speak into something a regular person can easily understand or channel your inner child to write an activity book.

You’ll be working with our Content Director and the entire Creative Team from start to finish on projects, so you should also be comfortable with concepting and collaborating. That means you need to not get salty when someone isn’t keen on your ideas, or when someone other than a writer comes up with a good headline. It’s not that you aren’t amazing (because if we ask you to join our team, you absolutely are). It’s just that at the end of the day, the best idea wins. And we believe greatness can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Meet Satori. To most, Satori means sudden enlightenment (like, “Whoa…I just found my perfect job opportunity!”) But to us, it’s so much more. Satori is a noun. It’s an adjective. Sometimes, it’s even a verb (“Wow, we need to Satori the __ out of this”). The Satori team moves as one unit – Account Service, Creative, Media, Public Relations, Strategy, and Social Media – and we move swiftly. We’re driven by culture, of the team, and of the moment. We work hard and play hard. We walk, talk and think like humans, not like marketing robots or bigwig wannabes. We’re real and authentic — sometimes to a fault (we might cuss a little, too). And we support our clients and each other like family. When it comes to people joining our team, we look for those who do the same.


Creating copy for a variety of clients in a variety of industries for a variety of deliverables (websites, social media, digital advertising, brochures, postcards, blogs, videos, print ads, etc., etc.)

Working closely and collaborating with the entire team to kick off projects, concept campaigns, and develop deliverables

Switching between writing mundane RFP (Google it!) copy to writing edgy, “Wait, can I really say that?” copy and back again – sometimes in the time span of an hour

Drafting compelling, engaging copy that drives action

Shifting gears at a moment’s notice when needed, and possibly working on multiple projects and clients at once

Researching and understanding a client’s brand, audience, competition, and voice

Ensuring brand and voice consistency across all communications materials and deliverables

Taking constructive criticism and making copy changes as needed to ensure it’s going to get the desired results

Throwing out insanely fresh ideas during team brainstorms for client projects

Completing special one-off projects when necessary

Traveling to meetings, conferences, and training, as needed

Performing other assorted duties, as assigned


Experience: 4-year degree or equivalent work experience (Marketing/Ad agency experience is a plus)

4+ years of professional experience in marketing, advertising, or communications, preferably in an agency environment (because can you truly understand it if you haven’t lived it?)

Bachelor’s Degree in English, Journalism, Communications or related field or equivalent work experience

Exceptional proficiency in Microsoft Office and other applicable platforms

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, coupled with the ability to quickly respond to questions and critiques from clients, coworkers, and management

Able to take direction and feedback from clients and co-workers in stride

Willingness to collaborate with those around you

Able to think creatively and act on those creative inclinations

Possess more passion for your work than necessary – while understanding when to defend your work and when to learn from it

Fire to throw caution to the wind and throw out ideas for concepts, campaigns, and designs (don’t be shy – even not-so-great ideas can spark brilliance!)

Self-starter who is searching for an opportunity to work in a dynamic and fulfilling environment

Able to work autonomously without constant supervision

Able to manage stressful situations (you know those deadlines), stay organized, and put in extra hours when needed

Desire to learn and participate in the growth of a rapidly expanding company within a rapidly expanding industry

Good (borderline great) sense of humor and willingness to let loose and have fun, even in the midst of killer, make-your-head-spin deadlines

Able to work 50-60 hours per week

Available when necessary for before and after hours, on weekends, holidays, etc. – and often on short notice (this includes responding to emails, texts, and/or phone calls)


Qualified candidates may submit their resume via email to: Please be sure to provide the writing samples noted below and answer the additional 4 questions in your cover letter.

Favorite writing sample(s) you have for any or all of the categories below:

  • Long-form copy (websites, blogs, articles, etc.)
  • Short form copy (print ads, digital ads, social media, etc.)
  • Headlines (to-the-point and out-of-the-box)
  • Technical/formal copy (oil & gas, engineering, legal, etc.)
  • Humorous/witty copy (we love the Satori Snark)
  1. In one sentence, describe how you work best.
  2. One of Satori’s core values is “F*ck your ego.” Tell us in 2-3 sentences what that means to you.
  3. What are two things you do on the regular to be a good human?
  4. What’s your creative superpower and how will you use it to impact the work you do for our clients?

Satori is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical disability, or other characteristics protected by state, provincial, or federal law.