Do you know the names of every popular TikToker and influencer? Has your phone become a permanent extension of your arm? Do you want to turn your potentially unhealthy obsession with social media into a much healthier career? You could be the Social Media Manager we’ve been searching for.

At its core, social media is a tool for communication. And at the core of a great social media manager is the ability to communicate a brand message in a compelling way that grabs the audience’s attention among a veritable stratosphere of other posts.

So, as Satori’s Social Media Manager, you’ll be counted on to develop original, fresh and engaging content that maintains a strong online presence for our brand and the brands of our clients. We need someone who’s so in tune with the latest and emerging platforms and trends – and what works and doesn’t work – that they generate new content ideas in their sleep (and hopefully remember them after they wake up).

Since this is an agency setting, you also need to be a multi-tasker who can switch gears at a moment’s notice. One second, we may need a post about Satori winning an industry award (woo-hoo!), and the next second our client may need a post to announce breaking news. Much like the next TikTok trend, you just never know what to expect!

Meet Satori. To most, Satori means sudden enlightenment (like, “Whoa…I just found my perfect job opportunity!”) But to us, it’s so much more. Satori is a noun. It’s an adjective. Sometimes, it’s even a verb (“Wow, we need to Satori the __ out of this”). The Satori team moves as one unit – Account Service, Creative, Media, Public Relations, Strategy, and Social Media – and we move swiftly. We’re driven by culture, of the team, and of the moment. We work hard and play hard. We walk, talk and think like humans, not like marketing robots or bigwig wannabes. We’re real and authentic — sometimes to a fault (we might cuss a little, too).

And we support our clients and each other like family. When it comes to people joining our team, we look for those who do the same.


Collaborating with the Satori team to develop a results-driven social media strategy

Researching, developing and executing paid social media campaigns

Demonstrating expert skills with social media campaign management tools such as Hootsuite, Sendible, Buffer, etc.

Analyzing and providing regular reports on each paid and organic social media campaign, with consideration of performance against KPIs and industry standards

Creating and posting engaging content for social media platforms

Consistently conducting “social listening” across all platforms providing regular reports

Maintaining a unified brand voice across different social media channels

Interacting with users and responding to social media messages, inquiries and comments in a way that always positively represents the brand

Attending events and producing live social media content

Throwing out insanely fresh ideas during team brainstorms for client projects

Memorizing and understanding the Satori Core Values as a way of life

Performing other assorted duties, as assigned


Bachelor’s degree (Marketing/Ad agency experience a plus!)

2+ years of professional experience in a marketing or advertising agency is a plus

Mad skills in ALL things digital and social media (e.g., Facebook Ad

Manager, Twitter Ads, and Google Ads)

Strong copywriting and copyediting skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, coupled with the ability to quickly respond to questions and critiques from clients and coworkers

Proficiency in Microsoft Office and other applicable platforms

Able to take direction and feedback from clients and co-workers in stride

Willingness to collaborate with those around you

Able to think creatively and act on those creative inclinations

Possess more passion for your work than necessary – while understanding when to defend your work and when to learn from it

Fire to throw caution to the wind and throw out ideas for concepts, campaigns and designs (don’t be shy, even not-so-great ideas can spark brilliance!)

Self-starter who is searching for an opportunity to work in a dynamic and fulfilling environment

Able to work autonomously without constant supervision

Able to manage stressful situations (you know those deadlines), stay organized and put in extra hours when needed

Desire to learn and participate in the growth of a rapidly expanding company within a rapidly expanding industry

Good (borderline great) sense of humor and willingness to let loose and have fun, even in the midst of killer, make-your-head-spin deadlines

Able to work 50-60 hours per week

Available when necessary for before and after hours, on weekends, holidays, etc. – and often on short notice (this includes responding to emails, texts, and/or phone calls)


Qualified candidates may submit their resume via email to: Please be sure to answer the 4 questions below in your cover letter.

  1. In one sentence, describe how you work best.
  2. One of Satori’s core values is “F*ck your ego.” Tell us in 2-3 sentences what that means to you.
  3. What are two things you do on the regular to be a good human?
  4. What’s your creative superpower and how will you use it to impact the work you do for our clients?

Satori is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical disability, or other characteristics protected by state, provincial, or federal law.