Marketing Teams that Succeed

AMA offers the depth and breadth of marketing support that your team needs to succeed: comprehensive, timely, thoughtful information and perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else. The AMA is a resource everyone in your group will use in their career.

Discounted Membership Dues

Group members have easy access to new tools, information and business solutions – all for savings of up to 30% per member. All is takes is 4 members to get started with a group membership.

Team Building

AMA group memberships will inform your team about local and national events, ability to gain access to thought leadership ideas on, gain subscriptions to publications specific to your area of marketing function, and give access to new tools, information, and solutions.

The Tools You Need

AMA helps you craft marketing organizations of skilled, knowledgeable talent that propels the business forward. By tapping into national and local resources, marketers meet day-to-day complex challenges and stay at the forefront of current thinking and practices.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are

The corporate and group memberships are not specific to each chapter, and cross geographical lines. For instance, if your company is headquartered in Houston, but a portion of your marketing team is based in California, the memberships will stay within the geographical territory of the individual.

Already a Member?

Are you already an AMA member, but 10 of your team members aren't? No problem. You will all join together as a corporate member, and AMA will simply pro-rate your current membership, so you don’t lose any of the money you’ve already invested.

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