By Camille Corales

As I began reflecting on my life, I’ve come to realize that if there are two things I would attribute my success to now (besides hard work and dedication), it would be the University of Houston and the American Marketing Association. 

I fell in love with the AMA during my first year in college when I was recruited through the collegiate chapter through AMA UH. From there, I knew that AMA UH and AMA Houston were special in the ways they supported and still support students. They provide a network both collegiately and professionally, help students connect with internships, and hold events to aid students in learning more about the marketing field. 

I was so blessed to be awarded the Penny Todd Scholarship which represents how much passion Penny Todd had in supporting marketing students during her days in the AMA. I was and always will be honored to have been awarded the scholarship that represents such an influential woman in the Hoston community. Because of the scholarship, I was able to spend an extra year in college and gave myself a chance to think about where I wanted to go in my life—something I didn’t know until I took an extra year to learn about finance and focus on the tech industry. The scholarship allowed me to reflect and begin navigating my future. 

Because of the scholarship, I was able to graduate debt free and not worry about the lingering feeling of interest and monthly payments. Now, I work for one of the top tech companies in Dallas and have founded a startup on the side that also aids in giving resources back to students. AMA as a whole has helped me sharpen my marketing skills to be able to take on the real world of business. AMA has shaped me to become the woman I wanted to be in order to help other students. I attribute so much of my success to the way AMA and this scholarship has helped shape me. 

If there is any advice I would share with students, it would be to apply for this scholarship and use the scholarship money to take a semester off work and just focus on you instead of financing your education.

Some tips and tricks:

  1. Write the essay with your heart and truly show the judges who you are rather than just what you’re doing.
  2. Ask for your recommendation letter a month early. I would suggest going to professors and mentors that truly know your potential and not only who are now, but what contributions you can make to the community in the future.
  3. Don’t feel like your marketing work isn’t enough when it comes to providing sample pieces. I remember when I turned mine in, I thought it was insignificant compared to what judges have seen, but I came to realize that I was only a student, and just starting my marketing portfolio.
  4. Express who you are throughout your application.

Best of luck!

Camille Corales started her career in Houston interning at several companies in order to build skills in multiple industries. She’s always had a passion for marketing and entrepreneurship. Now, Camille’s focus is accelerating in the corporate world at Gartner in Dallas and working on making her startup profitable.

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