Black History Month Feature, Black Marketing Contributions (Part I)

Mar 5, 2021blog, engagement

American history is made rich by the contributions of immigrants and a blend of cultures that provide us with a wide range of ideas, viewpoints, and motivations that influence us today. Additionally, AMA Houston recognizes that the marketing community as a whole best benefits when multiple voices are included in every level of the organization. Much like the incredibly diverse city we love to call home, we strive to highlight and listen to diverse voices around us on a regular basis. However, during Black History Month, we want to intentionally celebrate and recognize the incredible contributions of some of our local Black marketing professionals and partners who are doing the work that is changing the landscape of our community. 

First, we would like to introduce you to a local marketer, storyteller, and future AMA Houston board member, Henry Adaso.

Henry Adaso is an award-winning marketer, bestselling author, and copywriter. Before finding his home in marketing, Henry honed his storytelling skills as a music journalist for the likes of VIBE, DotDash, LA Weekly, The Houston Press, and more. Henry is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Content Mapping: Unlocking the Power of Content to Increase Engagement, Leads and Sales.

1. Tell us a little bit about you! What work do you do, and where do you work?

I’m a storyteller, an accidental marketer, and a recovering journalist. Journalism taught me story craft. So, now as a marketer, I use story and data to better serve my audiences. A good story brings us to the core of the human experience, because it’s such a universal language.

2. What is the most fulfilling part of your work? Or, hat do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

My work is filled with opportunities to put points on the board, whether it’s launching a new product or brand or contributing to projects that help increase revenue. Results are essential. Yet, I find that the most rewarding part of the work is the process. The gap between the problem and the solution—I think that’s where the magic happens.

3. Has there been a significant experience you have had that has impacted your journey to this point?

I love this question because it gives me a chance to dispel the notion of the self-made man. When I look back on my journey so far, I’m reminded of the gift of community and the generosity of others. There have been many people and moments in my life that impacted my journey, from my grandmother who helped me cultivate a passion for words to mentors who helped light my path along the way. Their names are etched on the tapestry of my career journey.

4. As a person of color in the marketing industry, what is the most important message that you would choose to share with your industry at large?

People of color, and more specifically Black people, are still largely under-represented and marginalized—not just in marketing, but across many industries. My hope is that we’ll begin to translate noble intentions to real action and impact in support of people of color in marketing. As stewards of marketing, it is all of our responsibilities to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the spaces we occupy. We can begin by becoming more culturally aware, diversifying our network, and demanding more of ourselves and those around us.

5. Who/what motivates and inspires you?

I’m a hip-hop head, so I draw a lot of inspiration from the art, culture, and business of hip-hop. Just don’t ask me to breakdance.

You can further connect with Henry here: 


Stay tuned for another interview with one of Houston’s finest as we continue to celebrate Black History Month and Black marketing contributions.

Catrina Ballard is an entrepreneur who believes that connection is at the heart of significant progress and accomplishment, professionally and personally. She is a Team Coach who consults with businesses to improve employee communication, culture, and retention through the company she owns, Happy Teams. Catrina has a diverse professional background that includes experience in the fields of counseling and psychology, higher education, and entrepreneurship, which give her a unique perspective and approach to her work. Catrina holds a M.S. Ed. From Baylor University in Educational Psychology and is an Enneagram 4. She is a huge sports junkie, hates scary movies, and genuinely values your story.

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