NOW OPEN: AMA Houston’s NEW CoGroups Program for Small Marketing Teams, Solopreneurs, and Young Professionals

AMA Houston is committed to connecting Houston’s vibrant marketing community to the networks and professional development these ambitious and dynamic professionals need. The launch of AMA Houston’s CoGroups fulfills this mission by creating conversation and building connections for the robust and beneficial professional network necessary for this stage in your career.

In its inaugural year, we’re launching CoGroups for:

  • Small Marketing Teams
  • Solopreneurs
  • Young Professionals

“At its core, AMA is about people. I think we’ve all recognized the immediate need for organic conversations; sometimes we learn just as much from each other as we do from experts.

We’ve launched CoGroups to fill a need for marketing professionals at a certain time in their career or in a specific professional role who can benefit from conversations with a supportive professional community.”

Robin Tooms, Chair of AMA Houston CoGroups

CoGroup members will benefit from in-person meet-ups, as well as an online community. AMA Houston meets you where you are.

Each CoGroup will have a lead moderator (mod) to guide the group and organize a variety of conversations – both in person and online – based on the needs of the group. Admission to the CoGroup is based on AMA membership, by self-identification and invitation based on affinity, and by adherence to a set of community standards.

Each CoGroup Mod can engage in formats that include:

  • CoGroup PairUp (small group/individual conversations)
  • CoGroup MeetUp (events and networking)
  • CoGroup PowerUp (idea sharing, crowdsourcing)
  • CoGroup VoiceUp (elevating a person’s voice)
  • CoGroup LevelUp (helping someone with a new skill or job connection)

Join a CoGroup by Email

It’s easy and quick to join a CoGroup, and it’s already included as part of your AMA Houston membership.

If you’re interested in joining a CoGroup or would like to be kept in the loop on this program, please sign up here:

Register Today

*Note: ​​If you’re already in our email database, the form will alert you to update your current profile. Just follow the “Click here to update your profile.” link if you see the alert.

Join a CoGroup on Slack

Also, please join the Slack channel for your CoGroup:

Join Us On Slack

*Note: Login to Slack using your preferred method, then once you are in add the Channel by hitting the “plus” sign then browse channels.

Available Slack channels:

  • #cogroup-smallmktgteams
    A CoGroup for our Small but Mighty Marketing Teams.
  • #cogroup-solomarketer
    A CoGroup for our Solopreneurs and anyone who craves connections with other small agency/consultancy owners, freelancers, and contractors.
  • #cogroup-yp
    A CoGroup for Young Professionals, and mentors of YPs.