How to Win a 2018 Crystal Award

Jan 28, 2018engagement

On February 8, AMA Houston will host a special event to help marketing teams prepare for Crystal Awards judging. Our panelist of past winners from across the industry will give a packed room some insights into what sets stellar entries apart from the rest. Here are our top four takeaways from last year’s event:

1. Focus on storytelling and results

The Crystal Award judges are gathered from outside the Houston market. A successful entry must be clear to an audience who is not familiar with our local challenges. Too small budget? Declining readership? Show explicitly how your campaign overcame these issues with an inventive and passionate marketing approach. Don’t forget to bolster these claims with statistics and percentages. When used properly, anecdotal and qualitative data can pack a punch.

2. Give yourself enough time

A comprehensive entry can take a few days or a few weeks to compile. Before you get started, consider if there is a way to streamline your process. If ever there was a time to leverage the power of teamwork, it is now. Many find that the information gathering and drafting process take the longest time so don’t underestimate this step. Plus, you will want a fresh pair of eyes to review your entry. Nobody wants to be disqualified due to common grammar errors.

3. Multiple entries = More chances to win

Reusing entries in multiple categories is an effective way to increase your chances of winning a Crystal Award. Competition in the major categories is understandably stiff but smaller pieces of the campaign may get their due shine. Do not underestimate the power of killer copy, slick product packing or a memorable tradeshow giveaway. If you do reuse entries, be sure to customize your submission for clarity.

4. Don’t forget why you are doing this

The Crystal Awards entry process is no joke. Before you spend the additional hours wrangling data points, designing a cohesive presentation and proofing multiple entries, you may be left wondering if it’s worth the effort. The simple answer is “Yes.” As marketers you know success is hard won and often unsung. Winning a Crystal Award is the perfect way to honor and amplify your team’s commitment to vivid, cutting-edge marketing strategies that work. If you are living the #agencylife, deepen your client relationship with a victory-lap win. Please invite them to the Crystal Awards Gala and order a copy of the winning award. No matter what your organization’s structure, there are few better morale boosters than bringing home the bling.

If you were feeling a little daunted about submitting your entry, we hope you’ve you have more clarity after this. The 2018 Crystal Awards Gala will take place Thursday, May 10th at the Bayou City Event Center.