Mathew Sweezey Reveals the 5 Key Traits for High Performing Organizations

Nov 6, 2018engagement

“Experiences have now become the future of what we are selling. A marketer’s job is to be the owner and sustainer of that experience.” said Salesforce’s Principal of Marketing Insights Mathew Sweezey, our keynote speaker for the Oct. 10, 2018 luncheon.

What is the future of marketing?

Mathew Sweezey is one of the most influential marketing experts in the country, and plays a major role in shaping, improvising, and creating the future of marketing. During his talk, he emphasized that the current phase is the fastest-ever growth period in the marketing discipline. While explaining the agile and modern production methods, he stressed the fact that today is a tipping point in the marketing industry. If marketing professionals are not part of an organization that lets them follow the agile methodologies and workflow, they are at a risk of being left behind in their career.

“Executives must buy into a new idea of marketing. Not just that they need more marketing.” said Mathew. A massive shift has been observed in marketing practices from past to the present. He also addressed these shifts and underscored the importance of a consistent and holistic customer experience.

Which would you rather be: A high performer or a low performer?

Occasionally, regardless of your title or level of responsibilities, you have probably asked this question. “But, are you asking the right questions?” Mathew challenged, and then detailed the differences in actions, activities, and decision making between high- and low-performing organizations. Audience members heard several revolutionary ideas, including key problem areas within an organization’s marketing strategy, along with solutions to these problems.

How much budget do you need and how do you win it?

Marketing budget has always been a hot topic inside all organizations, big or small. Mathew discussed historical ideas and concerns many of us have about marketing budgets. He asked, What do we believe collectively as “right” budget? What is a marketing budget based on? How should we break down the budget? He also tackled how to plan for budget growth, outlining specific steps and the creation of a “stretch budget.” This approach includes costs related to new processes, with terms and conditions you secure from leadership from the outset. Basically, these terms and conditions align with gates that unlock future dollars once the new processes are proven.

And there was more…

Mathew shared insights on what makes up a modern brand, as well as buyer behaviors, tools for cohesive customer experience, marketing automation, lead nurturing, heuristics, and technology.

Over the years Mathew has worked on some of the most forward-thinking direct mail campaigns, changed the way the world’s largest brands use email, and collaborated with some of the brightest minds in business. To learn more from Mathew, visit his website:

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