VoiceUP: Meet the volunteers behind the AMA Houston CoGroup for Solopreneurs

Mar 23, 2022blog

We’ve launched AMA Houston CoGroups to help build conversations and connections within our community of professional marketers. Today we’d like to introduce you to our CoGroups Chair and moderator for our Solopreneur CoGroup, Robin Tooms, CMO at Members Choice Credit Union.

Robin Tooms

What are you most excited about with the new CoGroups?
I love all of the new CoGroups! At MCCU, we have a small team, and I want to be sure the team feels challenged (in a good way) and is able to work efficiently while also growing in their careers. Also, for the Solopreneurs CoGroup I know how isolating the past couple of years have been. The idea that we can have this type of forum to exchange ideas and connect with other like-minded professionals feels like heaven to me.

What new projects or campaigns have you started recently?
It’s a new year, so families tend to think a lot about getting their finances in order. At MCCU, we’re launching some materials around that topic so that we’re ready to help others start the year on strong financial footing. We’ve also just signed on to a new data intelligence platform so looking into geeking out on some marketing data and learning how to better leverage that into our research and campaigns.

What are you reading right now? What is your “go to” for great marketing info?
I’m reading a lot of trends-based articles right now because I love to hear about what’s on the horizon, and what’s changing out there. I’ve also recommitted to listening to some podcasts (Yes, AMA has one too!) and there is one called The Marketing Book Podcast which I’ve been listening to in order to find some new books I should be reading.

What advice do you have for our CoGroup members?
If your marketing team is anything like ours, our size makes us highly supportive of each other – we’re a close-knit group. Even with that, there’s still value in talking with others on the outside because it helps with hearing more about trends and building other relationships. Plus, marketing is just so much fun, and even more so when we get to talk about it with others.

How do you think someone can get the most out of CoGroups?
We’re a friendly group, and always here to help support others, so feel free to speak up and ask anything!

We’re currently recruiting for volunteers to join our Solopreneurs CoGroup team. So you’re current marketing team of one, or passionate about supporting this CoGroup, let’s talk!

Be sure to visit the AMA Houston website for information about all three current CoGroups, and how to get started right away through email or Slack.

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