Volunteer Spotlight: Halie Dittemore

Jul 21, 2017engagement

AMA Houston is called the marketing connection for a reason. Throughout the year, we bring together marketers from across the city, state and country to learn what’s next in our profession and exchange ideas. A great way to do that between events is to become an AMA Houston volunteer, where you have the opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable skills across a number of service opportunities. Halie Dittemore, last year’s director of volunteer programs and current co-director for registration, discovered in her role as director of volunteer programs that not only is she happy being a volunteer, she also loves to serve them. She felt the role also helped her meet new people and build her network. 

For Dittemore, sometimes her role meant she was the first person to talk to new members or help them get a new role. “My job is to make sure they’re happy, where they want to be, and doing what they’re supposed to in their role.” she said. This year, Finesse Haverly takes on the same challenges as director of volunteer programs.

Dittemore loves talking to people and worked to see if she could help find the role that best fits their skills. By speaking with potential volunteers, she placed people in positions where they would be comfortable or that would help them meet their personal and professional goals. Dittemore was prepared for this essential board role by her experience as an AMA collegiate officer.

Dittemore spent time contributing to AMA collegiate, where her volunteer work opened doors and introduced her to Jennifer Phillips, a fellow AMA Houston board member. She began her post-undergraduate time with AMA helping Phillips until Dittemore moved into an open board spot in August 2016.

Her favorite part of being an AMA volunteer? “I love meeting students at luncheons because I know how that feels,” Dittemore said. She likes nurturing relationships with them to see if AMA would be a good fit. With AMA Houston currently the largest chapter in the country, she enjoys helping people become part of something larger and experiencing the diversity of people she meets at events. It’s no wonder she will serve as co-director of registration this year, where she is sure to further her impact on AMA Houston volunteers.

Whether you’re thinking about volunteering with AMA Houston, deciding to become a member or unsure, Dittemore wants people to know that AMA brings together a diverse group of people in and out of the marketing field. Volunteers, whether on the communication, registration, or event teams will get something out of being involved. “You get to learn, grow, and meet new people,” Dittemore said.  

Volunteering is the best way to meet new people, gain new skills, improve your resume and mentor others. Getting involved at the local level with the world’s largest and most inclusive professional marketing organization is the only way to guarantee that happens.